Our Commitments

At PEASE Academy we are committed to:

  • Service learning requirement for graduation
  • Providing a safe, sober community based on recovery principles, where diversity is both respected and valued
  • Protecting the health of our sober community and addressing student struggles with sobriety
  • Staff who are knowledgable and supportive of chemical dependency and recovery issues
  • A learning environment which is challenging, nurturing, and safe
  • Maintaining a small supportive school environment with an enrollment of 70 students
  • A teaching ratio of 1 teacher to 17 students
  • Helping students define their own unique vision for a productive and healthy future
  • Supporting students as they develop deeper self-awareness and inner strength, more meaningful social relationships, and a great sense of purpose
  • Acknowledging the potential of each student to achieve academic success and unlimited personal growth
  • Practicing a restorative justice model to address conflicts and helping the community gain deeper understanding through respecting every voice
  • Increasing students’ cognitive capabilities in the areas of language skills, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning

There is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty.

A.A. Big Book